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Private Dentistry

Private Dentistry - January 2021

Read Private Dentistry magazine’s latest issue – a bumper 25th anniversary edition

The January issue is, of course, packed with our regular features, as well as a special section to mark the passing of 25 years.

In this issue you will find regular features as well as special content to celebrate 25 years of Private Dentistry. This includes:
– 25 years of the awards by Chris Baker
– 25 years of corporate dentistry with BUPA Dental Care
– 25 years of accountancy by Alan Suggett of NASDAL
– 25 years of dental school contribution to private dentistry by Professor Nairn Wilson
– 25 years of business management by Ashley Latter
– 25 years of dental payment plans by Louis Mackenzie
– 25 years of dental nursing by Pam Swain
– Next 25 years of business by Chris Barrow.

In addition to the regular materials, we will also include top interviews with some of the outstanding private dentists of our generation. We have included:
– A tribute to editor emeritus J Ellis Paul
– Winners from the 2020 virtual Private Dentistry awards
– Adam Nulty interview
– Harry Shiers interview
– PD award winner – Angela Auluck
– Renowned private dentist – Ash Parmar
– Implant dentist – Bill Schaefer
– Award-winning dentist – Eimear Keenan
– BAPD founder – Jason Smithson
– Award-winning dentist – Guy Laffan
– Endodontics guru – Julian Webber
– Private Dentistry regular – Rahul Doshi
– Young dentist – Simon Chard
– Periodontist – Reena Wadia
– Interviews with David Winkler, Eimear O'Connell, James Goolnik, Reena Ali, Mark Skimming, Sinead McEnhill, Zaki Kanaan and Vinnie Thandi.

January’s issue is a milestone for the publishing company FMC. Therefore, to mark this occasion, we are working on what we want to be the biggest and best read issue of Private Dentistry in a long time.