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Private Dentistry magazine this month contains:

– Julian English talks about the inherent problems with the contract
– We look at what buyers of practices want these days
– Award winner interviews with the Zybutz brothers and their TDC implant centres and Gareth Edwards.

Business and finance
– Practice sales roundup with Lis Hughes
– Retirement planning top tips.

HOW I DID IT: Caring Dental
HOW I DID IT: DRMR Superclinic, Knightsbridge
– Top tips to consider when relocating a practice.

Practice organisation
– Busting myths about switching plan provider
– Top five reasons for sharing your business strategy with the team
– How to avoid tax penalties on your annual pension contributions.

Practice life
– John Sawyer celebrates 50 years at Orthodontic Practice
– We preview the British Orthodontic Conference
– Diane Rochford talks about respect and recognition for hygiene therapists
– How an MSc in facial aesthetics can protect you and your patients
– Two top business tips to help you perform better as head of the practice
– Assessing the human and economic cost of periodontal disease.

Clinical excellence
– Two top orthodontic tips from Moira Wong.

Industry Innovations
– Zirkonzahn presents its 'all in-house' culture
– Latest products and services.

Final words from Pat Popat and Chaw-Su Kyi.


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